Laboratory Permeater


Laboratory Permeameter is an ideal device for measuring the permeability of untouched saturated soil samples. Sampling cylinders are used for providing these samples. The laboratory Permeameter is used to measure water velocity in soil (through determining saturation permeability) in the following applications:
- Collecting drinking water
- Irrigation and drainage
- Civil Engineering and Hydraulics applications: dam and flood bank construction/reinforcement
- Agricultural Engineering and research
- Environmental research on the effect of pollutants (toxic materials, fertilizers, and radioactive waste) on ground water and similar studies
- Environmental protection
- Agriculture and Horticulture
This is a manual system and the user personally conducts all the test procedures. The device can find proper applications for educational purposes and general testing. Various capacities are available in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Laboratory permeameter
Laboratory permeameter
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